Sailfuse is a safety release device that has been developed to offer protection to your yachts rig in the event of a near catastrophic accidental gybe or if the rig is overloaded. A Sailfuse is a mechanical fuse with an in built shock absorber.

Sailfuses are designed taking into account the size of the mainsail, the loads which are usually present and the maximum load the rig can take. They are set to deploy at approximately 75 to 80% of this figure, ensuring that they only deploy when there is imminent danger of damage to the rig. Sailfuses are for cruisers and racers and can be fitted to the main sheet in minutes.

A mast, boom, gooseneck or traveller can break in extreme conditions!!! Fit it and forget it, Sailfuse will sit there for years and only deploy when pushed beyond its set limit, a bit like a one off health insurance premium on your rig.

Think beyond a dismasting, getting back to port, the insurance claim, repair bills, weeks out of the water, inconvenience and then the confidence of family and friends to sail again. A Sailfuse is only likely to deploy when your rig is pushed to the limit, this will normally be in extreme conditions. You may be a very experienced sailor, but are you always in control of the helm and the wind?

For less than the cost of a good quality life jacket.
Is it worth the risk to you, your crew and your yacht not to have one?

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